Assignment 3: Open Assignment with Options (An Ambitious Project related to Painting and Contemporary Ideas)

 Assignment 3 is an open assignment that has self-directed options for students. 

This final assignment for the course will still require an ambitious project that could include a very large-scale work (or works), or a significant series of smaller works, or an installation, or a combination of these options. 

Either way, this project still needs to be about painting and contemporary ideas. This final project should still substantially involve paint, and the formal use of the paint should support a thematically layered work.

This project will require a proposal and discussion with instructor.

Grading/Evaluation Criteria for Assignment 3:

Please see the criteria from the Intermediate Painting syllabus below regarding the evaluation of this work:


Layers of Concepts/Themes                                                                                 20

Formal/Visual Language/Technical Skill, Editing, Experimentation                      70         

Synthesis of the concepts/intention with formal/visual language                          10

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