Final Painting Assignment

Projects may include: one large painting (3 x 4 feet) with numerous small studies, or a series, and or an installation of paintings, etc. Please note working outside parameters of assignment is negotiable but will require a proposal in advance.

This assignment will place emphasis on emerging artists to personally develop painting (as noun and verb) and to thoroughly investigate painting materials in relation to contemporary ideas. Generally speaking contemporary ideas should have layers of meaning and the work should have an over all synthesis of formal and conceptual (thematic) ideas.

This final assignment should represent a culmination of formal and conceptual ideas based from this Painting course and should be developed in relation to your own innovative and personal expression.

Expand innovative and personal concept building through various preliminary painting processes, and consider formal elements of line, shape, proportion, plane, light and shadow, edges, space, colour, and composition as part of the layers of meaning in the work.

Having materials available for small preliminary works will be required and aid in the success of your final painting assignment. Prepare yourself with a large variety of potential images/icons and materials to work with, and mentally prepare for reworking, re-editing, taking risks, researching, applying criticism and generally experimenting with conviction.

Periodically students should have consultations with instructor through out the process of the project to ensure that enough work is done and the objective of the final assignment is met. As well there should be an in class dialogue with class peers regarding work.
(As usual positive in class participation is expected).