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"What is Contemporary Art?" Assignment for "Painting and Alternative Methods" Course

 The Purpose of "What is Contemporary Art?"Assignment:

1) Develop independent research skills 

2) Become aware of contemporary art books and journals at the Architecture/Fine Arts Library and elsewhere.

3) Create a dialogue among classmates that clarifies and deciphers between imagery and objects that convey clichés and substantial thematic content

4) Assist students in clarifying current artwork that represents innovative contemporary ideas. Innovation occurs either through a visually interesting and unusually new use of materials or a new context has been created for an idea, message, image or object, or there is a combination of some or all of these mentioned points. As well, contemporary work often challenges people’s value systems.

Homework Assignment: Due Tuesday, Sept 19 (Not graded)
The Contemporary Art Assignment will require the following 4 components that can be presented on screen in the classroom or printed and pinned to the wall:

1) Cliché Image (or an object) with an optional 50 words of text explaining why the example is the selected Cliché Image Typically, the selected image is an overused image,  symbol or narrative seen often. (4 x 5 minimum size if printed)  

2) Reproduction of a 2-D Work, 3-D Work, or Installation with Thematic Content (Metaphor or Symbolism)
The thematic content should have substance and or poetic layering. Describe the thematic content in the chosen example with an optional 50 words of text explaining the Thematic Content.  Image 4 x 5 minimum size if printed)

3) Example of Contemporary Art Describe the contemporary content and or ideas in the chosen example with an optional 50 words of text explaining the contemporary ideas in the work. Image (4 x 5 minimum size if printed)

4) Be prepared to speak about the three image choices as to why Image 1 is cliché and the thematic content presented in Image 2, and discuss the example of contemporary art in Image 3.

If it is easier to speak about the three chosen examples in a 150-word typed explanation, you may do that instead (50 words for each category) presented along with the three image choices. 

Note: Try to have Images that correlate with the verbal presentation or optional text clearly.

This assignment will require research in the Architecture Fine Arts Library, or in some cases, you may go online to do the research to find examples.

Note: If two or more people have chosen the same imagery or object, both people will have to find an alternative source. Students should check with each other during class to ensure no duplication. An online list on UM Learn will indicate images and artist(s) students have selected.